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When would I need to use the PCS100 Reactive Power Conditioner?

Holger Hannemann, Global Sales Manager

ABB's answer

The PCS100 RPC is perfect for applications with fast/dynamic changing reactive power demand. Imagine processes like welding, presses, cutting or furnaces. DC drives are used when height torque at low speed is required, for example cranes, lifts, cable cars, centrifuges. However DC drives also create issues with power factor and low order harmonics which the PCS100 RPC can solve. Another typical application are single or 2 phase loads creating unbalanced currents or voltages. The PCS100 RPC also corrects those.

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  • Holger Hannemann

    Holger Hannemann

    Global Sales Manager

    Holger studied electrical engineering at the Technical University in Chemnitz, Germany and the Novosibirsk Electro technical Institute (NETI), Russia with focus on power electronics and process control. He worked 19 years in Europe with low and medium voltage drive systems from ABB in various positions, before moving to New Zealand where he joined ABB’s low voltage power converter business in Napier. Here he was product manager grid connection and drove the development and market introduction of inverter systems for Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and STATCOMs. Since 2011 Holger manages the worldwide sales for ABB’s power conditioning products.

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